Urgent Needs

Our Current Wish List!!!

We need support to make things happen

We have some immediate requirements to help us prepare for our new production. Here is the wish list of what we need:


  • Sponsors
  • Volunteers
  • Seamstress
  • Set Builders
  • Set Painters
  • Jack of all trades people
  • Makeup & Hair people

We could also use:

    • Your left over building supplies
    • Your used costumes
    • Your used clothing
    • Any painting supplies – paint, rollers, brushes, drop-cloths
    • Any tools you are not using


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Your support is really appreciated.

 Here is who signed up so far:

Name of Person?What are they doing?
Rick L- Developing website
- Helping collect data, graphics and images
- Publishing photos
Debbie S- Volunteer with kids
- Wardrobe changes
- Site content

Please contact us using this site and tell us what you can provide using our Contact Us form.

Your support is really appreciated.